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A pen is not a pen unless we see it that way …to a cow it could be bamboo!

In the book How Yoga Works by Michael Roach& Christie McNally  there is a reference to how the mind makes up what it sees through the referencing of ‘seed thoughts’ that are stored within the mind both individually and collectively. These seeds are used by the mind to create the reality of what we see.

So in illustration…a human may see a pen as a pen..however, the same pen may be seen by a cow as something good to eat.

The question is what makes the pen a pen? Is it a pen in of by itself?

In contemplation… the book puts forward that it is our minds that create the pen through the use of thought. This is how we in the human suit through the seeing created with our minds serve to create our reality. In exploring this idea further I find that the very basis of what I see is real in my every day life is questioned.

To quote; “Perfect Meditation, Then sees this same object AS its simple self; its clear light, Totally void Of any nature of its own”

What is then my own real nature?

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