Awaken In

Personal Transformation
Energy, Body & Mind.

We assist you to find meaning in life through alignment with your soul’s purpose. We do this by sharing personal development tools that you can use daily to explore your inner self, access the power within, and transform your life. – with love Kel

A former IT marketing consultant and business owner for 15 years Kel began exploring the path of personal transformation in her late teens and then added in the practice of yoga in 1999. For the next fifteen years, she taught, studied self-awareness and yoga traveling the USA to receive training with renowned and respected teachers. And later, upon moving back to Australia, she completed her formal studies with a Masters in Spiritual psychology.

Kel’s involvement with Para yoga began with a conversation with her teacher about choosing the path of yoga and self-knowledge.  She knew then that this was one of the moments when time stops, and life opened offering a direction of choice pivotal to her own existence. Kel had discovered a pathway to drive towards the light deep within; that which her soul was seeking. Since then a life of dedicated study and practice has served to support and shape her life story, which has weaved with it the many gifts of healing and growth. 

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