Awaken In

Being present with Energy…how do I know it?

As I explore the idea of energy… from the mind… it remains an idea…The feeling impression or weight of the thoughts occur within me in mind, body. I  change this through my mind  exploring the  meanings I make of energy. I may see differently  as self…

As I explore the experience of energy…from the body…I feel a block in the form of  resistance, discomfort. I feel it, as feels strong, feels ‘alive’, feels aware. This awareness  in the  parts of my whole body; spine, arms, legs, the organs, the fingers and toes, as a twinge in a muscle, a tendon or ligament. In the cells as finite awareness of energy  travelling in the physicality of my be-ing.

As I allow the sensing of energy …as an ‘kinda cosmic’ seeing between the thoughts and in the thoughts, as the source of expression of  and in the feelings in my body. I notice the ‘invisible buzz’ that for me seems to hold the fabric of life.

I observe…my whole be-ing come to attention, here, now. Is this the experience of presence?


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