Awaken In

Beliefs…give me a stand…AND seem to bind me tight? What else is there?

I have noticed recently that I hold a belief about something…for example that “I am right” about how that is. “I just know…I am right”. Holding on to this belief I have found gives me a sense of security. In other words because I believe it I am Ok, I exist, I am “right”; ( Funny, seems to be there are alot of us who are “right” all together!)

In fact I have a collection of beliefs added to “I am right” such as “I have to fight” to get what I desire, “I have to struggle to survive”, “I have to work to be perfect”, “I have to control something or someone for me to be ok” Wow this is tiring!!!

What if ?…I release the belief idea…of the mind…What if? I feel in my heart what feels good? What feels true for me? What would I think, say & do then with this body & mind? How would the world be?

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