Awaken In

Expansion…The face of expansion with Intention…What is this?

Wayne Dyer presents in his book on Intention…The seven faces of intention…one of which is the idea of Expansion…I have spent time drawing it, thinking about it…how do I feel it? This expansion?

On the weekend I put myself out there…doing something that I feel is my personal truth…some-thing that when I do it with my body, feels amazing…as though there is no dissonance between what I feel is my reason for being here on this planet and what I am putting out there…in my thoughts, words and actions…

The affect…I am knowing as the experience of expansion…For me it is a growth in consciousness…as though who I sense ‘I am’ now is somehow ‘bigger’ or ‘wider’ or ‘stronger’ than who I was in the time before I did these actions…

I sense what it is to consider my be-ing as limit…less.  What does this mean for  humanity  ‘living in’ true purpose ?


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