Awaken In

Ground Hog Day…the repeat of daily life stories

Ever seen the movie Ground Hog Day? It is about a guy who constantly lives a day of his life over and over. The day doesn’t change until…he begins to change. What is he changing? He changes his actions…in the day. What causes him to change his actions? He changes the way he speaks with others. What causes this? He changes his thoughts in relationship with the day…Why?

Because as he continually lives out the same day. My feeling about this is that as he becomes more aware of the ‘what is’ or the actuality of what is happening in the day, in each moment of the day… he becomes more aware  and mindful. I also notice…his feelings change. The film ends with the character having a new understanding of himself and appreciation for life.

I am conscious for myself that each day…is a collection of moments…I am given the day over and over in which to perfect my self understanding.

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