Personal Transformation

“Transform the experience of your life”

What is life all about? Why aren’t I feeling happy? How can I experience this differently?

Coaching and programs for personal transformation using your whole be-ing in  body, mind & energy.

See more clearly

  • Reveal “the why” to your challenges
  • Gain a ‘peace perspective’
  • Experience your life differently
  • Live with freedom

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Personal Transformation Coaching

Self-empowerment Coaching

Personal Transformation Coaching

Self empowerment  is coaching to a way of be-ing transforming your experience with energy body & mind. This is not regular life coaching or counselling. Self empowerment coaching (or soul coaching) assists you to feel, see and be differently with your life in alignment with your own inner guidance. Each session we engage in a dialogue for clarity with your life. Tools and techniques are provided for your ongoing healing and personal growth.

This is an interactive one to one program with some outside activities and online support. It includes coaching sessions, self-paced exercises of meditations, writings and self-reflection selected readings. This is delivered in person or online virtually anywhere in the world.

  • Begin from the understanding that you have all the answers you need within

  • Tools specifically for you drawing upon energy healing, yoga and life coaching modalities
  • Conversations for clarity revealing what’s showing up right now for you
  • Ways to feel peace & happiness within your life’s experience


Chat & Chai

“Move into your soul’s way of seeing – Live with more freedom and peace”
First Monday of  each month 10am-11am
At the Healing Cottage, 24 Nerang st, Nerang QLD 4211
Bookings essential.

Deep Rest Reset Program Coming soon to ….Enhance wellness

  • Feel more peace & stability with your life
  • Learn ways to manage and move out from stress & anxiety
  • Practice deep relaxation to restore and regenerate the body

For bookings & Inquiries contact Enhance Wellness Center, P: 5510 9824

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