Awaken In

Self understanding is not a lesson that gets ‘done’ rather it is continual process … body, mind & spirit

In  playing with labeling myself as a  ‘spiritual’ person.  I may from ego mind think that I am ‘done’ with a lesson or a group of lessons and therefore there is no more for me to “do”.  The truth in my experience is that I am never “done” rather living here on earth with this body, mind personality gives me the opportunity to continually know of myself.  So there is no ‘to do’ there is no ‘done’ ; I ask me then – How else can I  see?  In answer that part that is my- self senses, the mind opens, the body feels. I notice a subtle awareness expanding. I sense this way of being to be in… infinite understanding. How is this possible?  I look down at my chai and take a sip. It tastes awesome!

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