Awaken In

Stories in conversation reflect our perspective & current reality…

As I was sharing a story with a friend about something I had seen…that also included my feelings, judgements and observations about the person and situation. I suddenly realised that here I was again…creating a way of seeing that fitted with what I saw and that what I saw in the situation was all that I knew in my mind.

As I understand that the mind sees what it has in its own mind as ‘real’. What is real?  Upon further reflection, I take away the feelings, the judgements and am left with the ‘what is’. The blunt description of what I saw to have occurred. I see that I tailor made my reality with my judgements, feelings, and ‘reactions’ to what I perceive to have occurred. Is this how it is for each of us? What would happen if there was only the ‘what is’?

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