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The Right Way to ‘do’ a yoga posture…

With so many teachers, techniques…so many ways to ‘do’ specific asana postures for so many good reasons weather they be philosophical, anatomical, physical, energetic or other reasons. What is the right way?

One way is to look at the perspective of teaching based on the 2000 year old Yoga Sutras and the techniques as written by Patanjali. These are certainly tried and tested. As they were written down at the beginning; and represent the source of yoga…

Yet the purpose of yoga is as a system is to guide us towards self understanding and a realisation of personal meaning. And in the doing the practices  ultimately results in the experience of Samadhi. The establishment of  a way of being …a realisation that there is no seperateness.

So is there a right way? Maybe…what we attribute to the meaning of ‘right way’ is questioned.



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