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The world of illusion…When does the fog lift?…How can we see clearly?

The illusion of mind ‘reality’ in  living  of our personal story.

In yoga teachings they call it Maya or illusion of the mind… In Toltec philosophy it is known as the dream state created by  mind…Me I call it fog!

I have found in my own experience I see something, I think a thought, feel a feeling and then I accept it or not as part of what I define reality to be. The tricky part is what I may think is the ‘reality’ I have created may be altered at any moment!

I liken it to the movie the Matrix…the main character wakes up from a dream state in a capsule where he has been living in his body, then he is released out of the capsule to find himself in a underground world of machines,  he ventures to other levels of the ‘reality’ that is created and controlled by machines. The world is a world within a world…micro to macro to micro ways of perceiving his existence. Here, nothing in the environment portrayed is the ‘normal’ story.

To me I can see only what I am able to see through my constant questioning and contemplation of the functioning of my mind with body and energy.  I am continually expanding my see-ing clearly; anchored by my sense of connected-ness with all.

I question does ‘real’ see-ing  come from mind?


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