“Experience the joy of being more self-aware”

Yoga is a pathway to personal transformation. You’ll experience the joy of being more self-aware and living in each moment. Teachings are based upon ancient yoga philosophy and practice with a modern perspective – explore the energy, body and mind connection.

Awaken In offers Para Yoga Inspired Yoga

In honour of my teacher Rod Stryker. Para Yoga is “a practical and profound system” in the lineage of Swami Rama. Based on traditional yoga including postures, breathing, energetic practices, visualisation, with relaxation and meditation. It involves moving through postures with the breath and body, engaging techniques to consciously move energy in the body/mind experience.


Transformational Yoga Classes

  • Learn yoga from the traditional teaching
  • Explore yourself body, mind & energy
  • Enjoy private classes and personal guidance

Each class runs for 70 minutes & includes postures, meditation & breathing. Kel Green. Masters Psych. Mind Body, Spirit. Rgst. YT 500, 10 years teaching.

Tuesdays 12.30- 1.30pm restorative
Tuesdays 6.15pm – 7.25 pm traditional
Thursdays 6.15pm – 7.25 pm traditional
Yoga Nidra Monthly Wednesday 6.15pm (contact us direct for more details)
Meditation classes

Please book to confirm attendance by clicking here or call the number on our website.

Classes held at the healing cottage in Nerang.

I started going to Kel’s FLOW classes about 2 years ago. As a strict Bikram practitioner for 8 years whom never tried FLOW classes, Kel led me through my first FLOW class, which changed my perspectives of yoga. Kel G has an impressive deep knowledge of yoga as a philosophy, and how this philosophy flows in her classes, and passed on to students like myself. I have always been encouraged by Kel’s calm assurance and I appreciate her professional adjustments to my postures. I enjoy Kel’s delightful sense of humour and humbleness. Kel’s teaching style is motivating and rejuvenating, provided me with an opportunity for personal physical and mental development through FLOW yoga. Alicia Chan

Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hr.

Para Yoga

“A Transformational Yoga Teacher Training & life skills program”

Yoga is a science, a discipline and practice for mastering your mind. To transform and grow with Yoga means learning the ancient teachings through study and practice with a teacher. The Transformational Yoga Teacher Training Regist. RYS 200 life skills program is delivered with your own private yoga coach. It is for you…whether you desire to become a teacher yourself or you are seeking to expand your personal awareness.

  • Share in the teachings with your own yoga coach.
  • Learn traditional and modern yoga.
  • Experience your yoga in a private environment.

Each year a limited number of spaces are available for students who want to learn traditional and modern yoga styles privately with direct access to the teacher. Complete the 200 hours anytime up to a period of 12 months. RYS 200 Hour Graduates are eligible to apply for registration with Yoga Alliance & Yoga Australia.

To be able to have one on one teacher training with kel who is so knowledgeable and passionate and wanting to pass this on was a privilege and transforming. I recommend this course to anyone who is willing to not only learn about the physical asanas, yoga philosophy but who is also willing to learn about themselves on a deeper level. I thank kel so much for this wonderful experience and I’m truly grateful to have someone who saw an inner light in me. Iannessa

Awaken In is a Registered RYS 200 Yoga School.

Para Yoga

“Tap into your personal power, fulfil the desires of your soul”

We live our lives each day compelled to move and do stuff in the world. Take the kids to school, go to work, make money, spend time with family and do fun things…. But…

Do you have the sense that something is missing or out of balance?

Are you wanting more clarity?

Is there some part of you asking is there more to life?

The Four Desires is a self-empowerment program that will support you in the achievement of lasting spiritual and material fulfilment.

To find out more go to The Four Desires page.

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